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Sadly the phrase “You never knew how good it was until it is gone” rings painfully true.

It is with great disappointment that it appears that the well known captcha solving service Webvisum has gone offline, at least for now.

For the last several years those of us unable to read captchas due to a visual impairment have been able to use this excellent service provided via a Mozilla Firefox plugin to solve non-audio captchas on a wide variety of websites. Unfortunately it appears that the domain is no longer active.

Of course the main way to insure that free services like these continue to exist is if we as a community are willing to donate to their service, even if you can only afford $5 it would help.

Without services like these, short of a website friendly to audio captchas, challenge questions which require human intelligence responses or a pair of helpful eyes, we have no way to solve captchas on our own.

This may or may not work for any definite period of time, but in the meantime if you still need your Webvisum plugin for Mozilla Firefox you may use the following steps:

  • Open the hosts file, located at the path: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc
  • Next use Notepad or some other similar text editor to add this line to the bottom of the hosts file on its own line:

Visiting the following URL will get you to the webvisum site:

For now this is working, however hopefully contact can be made with the developers of Webvisum to find a way to preserve this service.

I strongly encourage you to spread this article and hopefully as a community we can try to save this valuable service from web extinction.